Bram wins an award!

It great to see the SWA boys are keeping the profile high. In December 2008 Bram travelled to Geelong Victoria to accept an award from a college he attended from 1988 – 1990. The Marcus Oldham Farm Management College recognized Bram for his services to the tourism industry, the environment & community and awarded him as their 2008 Graduate of Excellence! Bram said “I’m humbled by this recognition and it has come as a complete surprise”. “I never expected public recognition for doing something I love so much”. “Loving what you do is reward enough so the award is such a special bonus” Bram said. He puts his success down to the good mentors in his life and his close group of friends and family who keep him grounded. “This is recognition for all the people I work with in many very special organizations as they are contributing all the time to achieving such good outcomes” Bram said.

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