Trevor Tim is one of Australia’s leading indigenous speakers with many years experience working with people of all ages. Trevor is an entrepreneur with extensive sales experience and whose team building skills were obvious from an early age. As a school captain, sports captain, representative footballer and professional dancer, Trevor has honed his skills to encourage the best from himself and others. Trevor’s heritage – a mix of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Chinese and Malay gives him a unique perspective and way of connecting with indigenous people of all ages and all walks of life.

Bram Collins hails from a cattle station and anchors his philosophy on attitude with his passion for rural outback Australia. Bram and his family own one of the most progressive tourism operations in North Queensland and he leads the team as Managing Director. With a strong commitment to family and children, Bram enjoying nothing more than rising to a challenge and helping people realise their untapped potential.

Together as Success with Attitude they will captivate and motivate you and your employees to achieve to your maximum potential.


“Thankyou for your presentation to the members of MIAA in Cairns. The feedback we received was excellent.” – Jennifer Milward AMM, Branch Executive Officer, Meetings Industry Association of Australia, Queensland.

“This team is exceptional and the outcome of their presentation almost always guarantees significant optimism and motivates individuals and teams for a long period.” – Dr Sharmila Biswas, GP

“Your holistic approach is new, credible and I have no doubt in recommending them as perfect medicine for any organisation.” – Wuchopperen Health Service

Presentations and Workshops

Trevor Tim and Bram Collins, SWA

We specialize in Motivational Speaking as our core business.

These workshops focus primarily on employee motivation and achieving success by developing and maintaining a wholesome, positive, outgoing, winning attitude.

The other areas we conduct training in are Attitude and Motivation, Goal Setting, Team Building, Physical Health and Wellness, Hosting and Master of Ceremonies.


Attitude and Motivation Do you have employees who are lacking confidence and have trouble getting motivated?

If so, let us introduce you to an organisation that will positively affect the outlook and attitude of those who experience a Success with Attitude session.

Success with Attitude is committed to positive development of people irrespective of their background.

We will empower you with the enthusiasm, confidence and the inner strength needed to determine your own destiny.
We specialise in motivation, inspiration and self-development and we guarantee an action packed and emotionally charged visit.

Our aim is to empower people to awaken the potential they have within and to show them ways of focusing on their strengths that will in turn lead them to realise that their dreams, goals and ambitions are only a conscious decision away.

Together we will captivate and motivate you to achieve to your maximum potential.

Contact us for details and pricing.

Goal Setting These workshops focus on the key elements of “life by design”. We open with the importance of attitude and skills to use daily to ensure you always have a positive, outgoing, winning attitude.

We will then walk participants through a goal setting process where we share the skills to set goals in 3 different areas of their lives. Once they have mastered the “how too” they will be able to use the same process to set goals in any chosen area of their life.

We focus then on the importance of being committed to these goals and how to stay focused. This is essential in seeing these through to the end.

We will also touch on the importance of working as a team and how through having personal direction & purpose, this will make you a more effective team member which will ultimately strengthen the team you work in. Contact us for details and pricing.

Prior notice on the number of booklets you want is required to allow time for printing.

Team Building Success with Attitude specialises in Motivational Speaking however we also conduct themed Team Building workshops that can be tailored to be run almost anywhere including on the Beach, in the Rainforest or in the Outback. In fact we can develop almost anything to meet your brief and achieve your desired outcomes.

Team Building Event Success With Attitude

We have a range of fun while challenging activities that encourage your teams to work together, problem solve, test memory, powers of observations plus many other benefits. If you want something outside what we currently offer, we welcome the opportunity to develop a program especially for you that will meet your needs exactly.

Contact us for details and pricing.

Physical Health and Wellness Our newest product on offer focuses on health and wellness. If you’d like to improve the physical wellbeing of your students, talk to us about options as we can tailor a presentation specific to your needs. We can cover everything from eating right & weight loss to stretching and exercising plus so much more. These sessions are conducted by a qualified personal trainer and are essential for the complete Success with Attitude mind and body make over!

Contact us to work out the details and pricing.

Hosting and Master of Ceremonies Do you need hosts or MC’s? Success with Attitude is the answer. We have the flexibility to embrace your theme and your requirements.

Contact us to tailor something specific to your needs.