SWA at the Step to the Future Forum in Rockhampton, Queensland with speaker/author Bernadette Black and students
SWA at the Step to the Future Forum in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia with speaker/author Bernadette Black and students.


I’m Trendy Trev and that is Cowboy Bram over the back. We want to tell you about our company Success with Attitude.

Success with Attitude is a dynamic motivational speaking business based in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

“Cowboy” Bram Collins and “Trendy” Trevor Tim are dedicated to student motivation and re-shaping young people’s lives with our unique brand of positivity, life skills and humour.

Waking up the will to succeed that lies in each one of us, Cowboy and Trendy will re-kindle a positive attitude to life and its complexities.

We will move you and we will groove you. We will muster up a dream that will catapult you forward so what have you got to lose?

Contact Cowboy & Trendy from Success with Attitude to talk about how we can change the future of the young people of today!

SWA Step Sydney
SWA and students at Step to the Future forum in Sydney, Australia

What people are saying

“I thought your talk was deadlier than deadly…that’s pretty deadly! I’ve never seen a Murri with so much style like that. I get where you’re coming from with the Michael Jordan story. If you really put your mind to it, you can do it. I think if I can get the education and put my head to it, I could be just as good as you! That would be pretty darn good. Today I made a positive decision.” – Mason

“Your talk was funny because of the raps that you did. I have a goal to be a BMX rider. Next Friday I am joining a BMX club and I’m going to try your idea of sticking up BMX posters at home.” – Harley

“Success with Attitude is exactly what it means. If you want success no matter what field it is in, whether it be in the business, sporting, personal, education or training you cannot have success without a good attitude” – Waverley Stanley, District Community Education Counsellor, Tablelands-Johnstone District Office

“An exciting motivational presentation delivered in a committed, professional manner which captivated the attention of the audience. Our students maintained interest throughout the whole performance, because it was of relevance and at a level of understanding designed for their age group. It was difficult not to get emotionally charged in the spirit of the performance and participate willingly. The simple message of success with attitude was made very clear utilising humour,case scenarios and jokes. In essence, a thoroughly brilliant, refreshing, enjoyable and rewarding experience.” – Ken Steele, HOD, Mornington Island State School

“Your talk was highly entertaining and inspiring. The impact on the students was such that they talked about it for days after, and included references to it in their end of year speech on graduation night.” – Susanne Gilmour, School Counsellor, St Monica’s College