Trevor Tim, Success With Attitude

Trevor Tim is one of Australia’s leading indigenous speakers with many years experience working with people of all ages. Trevor is an entrepreneur with extensive sales experience whose team building skills were obvious from an early age. His leadership ability was honed at an early age as a school captain, sports captain, representative footballer and professional dancer. Trevor has honed his skills to encourage the best from himself and others. Although he was born and raised in the remote outback Queensland town of Cloncurry, Trevor was always destined for bigger things. Trevor’s heritage – a mix of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Chinese and Malay gives him a unique perspective allowing him to connect with indigenous people of all ages from all walks of life.

Bram Collins, Success With AttitudeBram Collins hails from a cattle station and anchors his philosophy on attitude with his passion for rural outback Australia.

Bram and his family own one of the most progressive tourism operations in North Queensland and he leads the team as Managing Director.

With a strong commitment to family and children, Bram enjoying nothing more than rising to a challenge and helping people realise their untapped potential.

Together as Success with Attitude they will captivate and motivate you to achieve to your maximum potential.

Because of their backgrounds, acceptance of others is a fundamental character strength within both Trevor and Bram. This is expressed by the way they interact with each other which the audience, be it corporate, school group or community organisation, subconsciously picks up on. Whilst the message of reconciliation is not one of noticeable fanfare it is obvious to all who experience a Success with Attitude presentation. Together they do not accept marginalisation in any form. They are constantly encouraging people to stand up for others sharing messages of acceptance, be it race relations, bullying in schools or peer group pressure. They instil a pride within their listeners of who they are and where they come from, irrespective of their background. The issue of reconciliation requires leadership that Trevor and Bram are providing through their example on a day to day basis.