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G’day friends,

Guess what? SWA is on Facebook! I know, we cant believe it either.

That said, we would love it if you were to find us and Like Us! I will be posting to our Facebook page allot more often then we have managed to blog. I know it has been a poor effort but we are up with the latest now Ha ha.

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Bram & Trev

This is so worth looking at! Grab a cup of coffee, a note pad & pen! I dont know anyone who wont get something out of this. Secrets of Today\'s Most Celebrated Achievers

From export to expert: Our Emma’s a star!

When we first met Emma Reynolds she was a student at St. Monica’s college in Cairns. She had the attitude and excitment of someone going places. Success is a decision and irrespective of where you come from or what challenges you face, it is there for anyone who is prepared to endure whatever life throws at you. Read why Emma’s been recognized as one of the 35 most influential women in the UK under 35. She recently came back to Australia to speak at a conference in Cairns and share her inspirational message. To read more: click here

Bram wins an award!

It great to see the SWA boys are keeping the profile high. In December 2008 Bram travelled to Geelong Victoria to accept an award from a college he attended from 1988 – 1990. The Marcus Oldham Farm Management College recognized Bram for his services to the tourism industry, the environment & community and awarded him as their 2008 Graduate of Excellence! Bram said “I’m humbled by this recognition and it has come as a complete surprise”. “I never expected public recognition for doing something I love so much”. “Loving what you do is reward enough so the award is such a special bonus” Bram said. He puts his success down to the good mentors in his life and his close group of friends and family who keep him grounded. “This is recognition for all the people I work with in many very special organizations as they are contributing all the time to achieving such good outcomes” Bram said.

SWA Makeover

We’ve given the Success with Attitude site a design makeover. Leave a comment to let me know what you think.