What We Do

Success with Attitude can deliver on a wide range of topics but our fundamental subject is Attitude!

These workshops are designed to a target audience of students ranging from grades 9 – 12 (ages 14 – 17). If your interest is for primary school students please contact us to discuss options.

The areas we currently specialise in are:

Positive Attitudes and Motivation

Do you have students that lack self confidence and would benefit from more motivation?

We have the solution for you!

Success with Attitude is committed to the positive development of the young people of today.

Success with Attitude is a company that will empower your students with the enthusiasm, confidence and the inner strength to determine their own destiny.

We specialise in motivation, inspiration and self-development and we guarantee an action packed and emotionally charged visit.
Our aim is to empower your students to awaken the potential they have within and to show them ways of focusing on their strengths that will in turn lead them to realise that their dreams, goals and ambitions are only a conscious decision away.

As parents, we both have hands on experience in dealing with youth and due to our backgrounds have much to offer the young people of today irrespective of their race, colour or creed.

Together we will captivate and motivate your students to achieve to their maximum potential. Contact us for details & pricing.

These attitude sessions can be made more effective by the inclusion of a workshop booklet. This allows the student the flexibility to not only develop a plan but to be able to read it & reiterate it many times over. They will learn the pleasure of being able to tick off these accomplishments once they have been achieved. This is an ideal introduction to Goal Setting.

Prior notice on the number of booklets you want is required to allow time for printing.

Goal Setting

These workshops go one step further in actually developing and formulating these ideas into quantifiable and measurable outcomes. Student feedback rates this workshop as very entertaining and highly beneficial.

While we have all been told how important it is to have our goals worked out and written down, often it is the hardest thing to do.

With our inspirational and entertaining delivery we assist the students to fill out their workshop booklets.

These booklets will eventually become their very own “designer lives”! They go that extra step to determining a detailed path to each student’s future.

Contact us for details and pricing.

Prior notice on the number of booklets you want is required to allow time for printing.

Team Building

Success with Attitude specialises in Motivational Speaking. However we also conduct themed Team Building workshops that can be tailored to be run almost anywhere including on the Beach, in the Rainforest or in the Outback. In fact we can develop almost anything to meet your brief and achieve your desired outcomes.

We have a range of fun while challenging activities that encourage your students to work together, problem solve, test memory, powers of observations plus many other benefits.

If you want something outside what we currently offer, we welcome the opportunity to develop a program especially for you that will meet your needs exactly.

Contact us for details and pricing.

Physical Health & Wellness

Our newest product on offer focuses on health and wellness. If you’d like to improve the physical wellbeing of your students, talk to us about options as we can tailor a presentation specific to your needs.

We can cover everything from eating right and weight loss to stretching and exercising plus so much more. These sessions are conducted by a qualified personal trainer and are essential for the complete Success with Attitude mind and body make over!

Contact us for details and pricing.

Hosting & Master of Ceremonies

Do you need hosts or MC’s?

Success with Attitude is the answer. We have the flexibility to embrace your theme and completely meet your requirements.

Contact us to tailor something specific to your needs.

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